Song of the Elves

Epic fantasy novels and short stories by David Charles Shepherd

Happy New year

| January 2, 2020

Hello, I’m back and writing after a very stop start 2019. My aim this year is to finish the Restless and the Godless and be ready for SOTE book 4. Thank you for your patience. Up the Elves! Shep

Cold press

| March 4, 2018

At least the freezing conditions have given me an excuse to settle in and get some writing done. I’m coming to the end of the first part of The Restless and the Godless. Sample paragraph coming soon.

Getting in the mood

| February 9, 2018

‘I’m throwing off the shadow of a better man,’ croons Eldritch, the velvet line a soothing antidote to my worn out wiper blade scratching hopelessly at the windscreen. Nothing like a slice of Classic Sisters to put me in the mood for writing. I’ll soon post a teaser of The Restless and the Godless, my [...]

An old friend

| February 3, 2018

I’m visiting with an old friend. It’s been a long time since I stayed in Osten Ard. I arrived just in time to say farewell to Duke Isgrimnur. Now Simon and Miri will have to face the new threat from the Norns without their old ally. Thanks Tad – great return to the series.


| January 31, 2018

Thank you for your patience. I am back writing, working on the completion of the Restless and the Godless, my second Tale of Rhoderica. Watch this space for updates soon.

New Year plans & a farewell

| February 10, 2016

I’m back – with plans to finish ‘The Restless and the Godless’ in the coming months, before returning to the saga of Song of the Elves. It’s been a long, hard winter – not least because of the sudden passing of Winifred May Shepherd. As a child I was surrounded by great tales and encouraged [...]

Summer inspirations

| August 31, 2015

Just getting back to work on The Restless and the Godless. The coast and mountains of beautiful Wales have given me inspiration for the next sequence of the tale, as Naythan and Morgan try to cross the ice bridge to Suud-karnia. Also currently thoroughly enjoying re-reading The Dragon Bone Chair, in anticipation of Tad Williams’s [...]

Inkitt debut

| August 7, 2015

Dear Readers, You can now enjoy The Wolves of Winter Part I for free on Inkitt. Please log on and review my story, which can be found by searching in the fantasy section. In the meantime, I’m still plugging away at the latest Tale of Rhoderica: The Restless and the Godless. More news on this [...]

The Restless and the Godless

| April 9, 2015

My homage to Alan Le May’s, The Searchers, as envisioned by John Ford and John Wayne, is evolving. Now progressing under the working title of ‘The Restless and the Godless’, the title reflects the character of the two main protagonists. Naythan is the restless one of the title, newly released from his commission in the [...]

Introducing – ‘The Restless Ones’

| February 11, 2015

Well, it’s been a long time in the making, but my next project is now fully evolved and progressing nicely. ‘The Restless Ones’ is my second Tale of Rhoderica, again set in a time before the Elves came to the continent. Set after the events of ‘Wolves of Winter’, this tale of hard men in hard times has been [...]