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David Shepherd is the author of the Summerlands epic fantasy trilogy. This is his blog where you can read about the trials and tribulations of writing, keep up to date with new and current releases and hear about the influences that day to day life has on his works.

Sins of the Father on Sale Now!

Posted By on March 29, 2014

I am delighted to bring you the news that Sins of the Father, Book 3 of the Song of the Elves saga, is now on sale as an e-book via it can also be purchased in paperback from

Kirik and Eidur embrace their duties and destinies as the true threat true Rhoderica is revealed. Settle down for a rip-roaring rollercoaster of action, adventure and emotion.

to top a momentous week at SOTE HQ I have just completed a prequel to the Song of the Elves saga, entitled, The Wolves of Winter. you can sample tales from this book on this website. The Wolves of Winter will be out through amazon and lulu in the coming months.

Thank you for your continued support.

Up the Elves!


P.S. Come on Moysey – you can do it!


Song of the Elves Book 3 – Out Now!

Posted By on March 24, 2014

I am delighted to announce the publication of Book 3 of the Song of the Elves. Sins of the Father is available now as an e-book through amazon kindle and as a paperback through

The book completes the first trilogy of the fantasy saga.

It is a bitter sweet moment, as the book was written in dedication to my own wonderful father.  I am going to donate money from the sale of the book to the British Alzheimers society. As regular readers will know I lost my father to dementia earlier in the year.

I am currently finishing work on a prequel to the saga entitle The Wolves of Winter, before I go back to work on Book 4.

Thank you for your support, and for your patience in waiting for book 3 to appear.

Happy Days.

Up the Elves!

Wolves of Winter

Posted By on February 28, 2014

I have now completed ‘Kill the King’, the third instalment of Wolves of Winter. Now Thomas and Mallakai will take centre stage as the novel nears completion. Expect fireworks in this explosive finale which will set up a future stand alone adventure for young Thomas as the Wolves are brought into a new era for Rhoderica.

Book 3, Sins of the Father, meanwhile is waiting in the wings as I seek to create an e-book to be proud of. Nearly there.

And we’re just not going to mention my beloved reds.

Up the Elves!


Long Cold Winter

Posted By on February 12, 2014

Work on ‘The Wolves of Winter’ is inching forward. I have nearly completed the climactic scene to the third instalment entitled ‘Kill the King’. Once this is done I will progress onto the final segment featuring Thomas and Mallakai. Its time for young Thomas to take centre stage.

I would also like to record the passing of my dear father, Arthur Elsworth Shepherd. He was and always will be a great inspiration to me.

Finally, Song of the Elves Book 3 has hit a few publishing glitches but will be with you later this year, when I will also begin work on Book 4, The Lost, The Lonely and the Damned.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Up the Elves!


A Bright New Year

Posted By on December 31, 2013

Well, we didn’t quite make it in time to fill your Christmas stocking, but a fine wind prevailing, book three of the Song of the Elves should be sailing towards your kindle early in 2014. I hope you will think it worth the wait. I am very proud of Book 3, which completes the first cycle of the SOTE saga. There will be a time shift of a few years between the action that closes in Book 3 and the opening scens of Book 4, The Lost, the Lonely and the Damned. I will begin work on this book in the spring.

Currently I am putting the finishing touches to The Wolves of Winter, set in the same world as SOTE, but in a time before the elves invaded Rhoderica. Three tales of the legendary Wolves are bound together and told as a narrative to young Thomas by his enigmatic grandfather Mallakai. At the end of the third tale, Thomas will be forced embrace his own destiny, one that will tear his family apart and reveal some of the mysteries found in Song of the Elves.

Before the year slips away, I must make mention of a project by my cousin, Chris Bailey – he plays rhythm guitar and performs lead vocals with Field Studies, an alternative rock band who have been working on their own original material since 2012. They have just released their debut EP Celestial, out now from i-tunes. If you like your rock atmospheric with guitars that float and soar, overlaid with the wind-blown vocals of Chris, then check this out. Highly recommended. Good luck for 2014, lads. I’m a convert!

Finally, thank you for all who have visited this website and who have shown belief in this project in 2013. Its been a slow year of activity, but with upgrades of Books 1 & 2, the release of Book 3 and the debut of Wolves on Winter all to come, 2014 is set to be our biggest year yet.

Up the elves!

Peace and Love.

Shep x


Book 3 Imminent

Posted By on November 25, 2013

Sins of the Father

Book Three of  Song of the Elves

Coming this Christmas to a Kindle near you!

‘Nuff said!




Hold your list to Santa there’s a vital addition you need to make.

Sins of the Father, Book Three of Song of the Elves will be released in good time to fill your Christmas Stocking.

More details to follow soon…

Between the Mountains and the Sea

Posted By on August 27, 2013

There is something magical about the narrow plain that rests between Snowdonia’s soaring peaks and the freezing waters of the Irish Sea. Morfa Bychan has a beach known as Black Rock Sands, which stretches for two miles from the eastern end of the Ynys Cyngar on the River Glaslyn estuary along Tremadog Bay to Criccieth beach. Its a place where dragons could sleep, longships could beach and warriors stalk over the undulating dunes.

In reality, this bay has also seen much war – Harlech Castle stands dominant across the bay, a reminder of English subjugation of the Welsh. To the West, a defiant riposte in the shape of the castle ruins at Criccieth is a reminder of welsh defiance. To this place I have returned for the last four years, and again this summer I came away with my mind brimming with possibilities, a dozen scenarios imagined for my forthcoming volumes of Song of the Elves.

I also had time to pen a couple of chapters of my side project – To the Ends of the Earth – a fantasy adventure inspired by the John Ford/John Wayne western, The Searchers. I will reveal more of the plot in coming weeks.

Until next time, up the elves!

New Angle for Book 4

Posted By on July 31, 2013

An hours slog up the eastern fells from Patterdale, the determined walker is rewarded with the alluring sight of Angle Tarn. This remote lake, hardly a secret as it is much loved with Lakeland walkers, nevertheless evokes all the mystique and magical calm that make it the perfect inspiration for Winart Castle, a key location in Book 4 of the Song of the Elves.

Walking up from the shores of Ullswater, the majesty of the secluded lake had not diminished from my first memories of it. I have to mention here my co-walkers, my beloved fellows of the Narlas Cipple Walking Club (NCWC). Ascending in baking heat, picnicking in idyllic English summer conditions and bathing aching toes in the icy waters were a sideshow to the ideas leaping around in my head.

In my book, Winart Castle resides on an island much larger than Angle Tarn’s biggest outcrop, in a lake that is a far greater body of water than its Lakeland inspiration. Yet the essence of the location is the same. Catch Angle Tarn wreathed in low cloud and you get a glimpse of the ancient castle of the Northwatch, wreathed in a mist hiding hideous monsters.

My annual NCWC visit to the lake brought more than just inspiring locations. The camaraderie amongst the team, the dinner-time banter, the collegiate encouragement on the steepest slopes, the sense of fun and belonging – they all fed into a wonderful melting pot of creativity. I have to salute the team of NCWC 15 as one of the greatest yet. Here’s to many more such trips, chaps!  I only hope I can do our memories proud in the forthcoming The Lost, the Lonely and the Damned.

Up the Elves!

Shep x

Into the were-wood

Posted By on July 14, 2013

Summer’s here – at least for a few days – and as the action works its way towards its climax in  Wolves of Winter III, Torbad is about to enter the were-wood in search of an answer to who is trying to assassinate the king. He will need all of his guile and fighting skills to come out of this one unscathed – mentally and physically!

Were-woods have an interesting history in mythology – sometimes they are mere enchanted woods to host creatures of faerie; in other examples they are places of dark magic, where the roots of a tree can throttle and maim. In WOW III it is the latter example that will cause Torbad’s nightmares.

Back in the real world I’m still enjoying Sabbath’s 13 – the occasion of its release has caused me to enter into a reflective phase of playing my old LPs of 70s & 80s classic rock. Fave at the moment on Shep’s deck is a classic from the Dio version of Sabbath – Mob Rules. What a corker!

Until next time, up the elves!

Shep x


Just like old times

Posted By on June 21, 2013

Like many thousands of rock lovers out there, I am currently basking in the glow of the new Black Sabbath long player. LP seems an outdated term for album these days, yet entirely appropriate for the nature of release here. ’13‘ chugs out of the speakers on a veritable river of riffs, Iommi toiling over his strings like a magician weaving a mesmerising spell. Osbourne never sounded so assured, back where he belongs, whilst Butler and Wilks power the engine room with guile, subtlety and a craft that presents a multi layered facet to some awe inspiring songs. I can’t weigh up which track I like the best and it seems churlish to single one out when the whole experience is so sumptuous. A feast for even the weariest of metal-lovers ears, and a confirmation that there is a god after all, even if it is a dark overlord of molten doom. Fantastiche!

Back on planet earth, I’ve been continuing the final tale of the Wolves of Winter. The pack are now separated in their search for the would-be assassin of King Stephen. Torbad heads for the dales, whilst Rulnik and Yanuk chase down leads in the capital. Will they be able to uncover the plot of regicide before the King’s wedding day? All this and more will be answered when The Wolves of Winter hits your kindle later this year.

Up the elves!