Song of the Elves

Epic fantasy novels and short stories by David Charles Shepherd

The Wolves of Winter

Map of Winterland

Men of Winterland stand tall,
While all around you kingdoms fall,
Embrace your steel, prepare your steed,
Ride to place of direst need.
Fear not the path you tread,
Fill your enemies with dread,
Men of Winterland we call,
Ride forth to save us all.

Men of Winteranonymous circa 500 Year of the Light


Stories of the Wolves of Winter first began to circulate around the firesides of the northern towns of Rhoderica in the 5th century of the Light.  The stories of Rulnik, Torbad and Yanuk were firmly established by the 550s, and the popular poem above set to music sometime around the turn of the 6th century of the Light.

The Wolves of Winter were a secret organisation formed by King Stephen of Westumbria in the wake of the first Nordakin invasion in the early 400s.  The incursion of the white-skinned savages taught the King that his line of castles ringing the north coast was not enough to guarantee the security of his kingdom.  He needed a more subtle weapon, and so the Wolves of Winter were born.

Keeping to the shadows in times of peace, these elite warriors surfaced in times of direst need and in places of danger, snuffing out potential threats to the throne and helping to maintain a balance in the politics of the north.

Today in Rhoderica, the legend of the Wolves is as popular as ever.  They remind people of a simpler time before the elves came to Rhoderica.

The origins of this secret society off warriors can be found in The Wolves of Winter.

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