Song of the Elves

Epic fantasy novels and short stories by David Charles Shepherd


At Farsee Manor:

Kirik - half-elf; son of Councillor Eidur and Lady Eleanor of Rosewall, the central character of The Summerlands.

Eidur – Kirik’s father, a former general of the elven army and member of the royal council; King Rogan’s closest and most trusted advisor.

Lady Eleanor – Kirik’s mother, exiled from Rosewall in the West due to her liaison with Eidur in the aftermath of the Southren war.

Forge and Wulfric - Kirik’s elder half-brothers from Eidur’s first marriage to Alouianne and trustworthy members of the Farsee Forest Troop, which their father commands. They are fond of their little brother and tease him mercilessly when they return from the field.

Will Curbishley – a human farmhand and Kirik’s best friend in the forest. They have played together since they were in their swaddling clothes, but the social gap between the friends is becoming more obvious and more difficult the older they get.

Tam – Will’s father is also the foreman to the human workers on Eidur’s estate and the councillor’s most valued worker.

Old Aggie – wise woman and wetnurse to the human workers of Little Rosewall. Old Aggie travelled to the Summerlands with Lady Eleanor’s retinue when she was exiled by King Martin of Rosewall. There are hidden depths to Aggie and the villagers fear her more than a little. Not Kirik or Tam though. to them she is a willing listener and teller of great historic tales.

Okey – grizzled veteran of the Southren Wars and captan of Eidur’s Farsee troop.


In Jorniak:

King Rogan – ruler of the elves.

Prince Warseratt – heir to the throne; he speaks loyalty to his father in court but inspires no love amongst the elves. They fear his lack of judgement in the choice of his confidants.

Prince Nemar – Rogan’s second son. Nemar is a warrior with the wanderlust. He has a fearsome reputation, and with his blade, Serpentsbane, slayed the great serpent Sethlarok. There is no love lost between Nemar and his elder brother.

Princess Liadora – Nemar’s beautiful wife.

Princess Tyriana – wilful and wild, this pretty princess takes after her father; a real favourite with her grandfather King Rogan, which explains why she gets away with so much.

Prince Brawdhein – youngest child of Nemar. He has a strained relationship with his father, who is always away at sea. King Rogan intends for him to join the brotherhood of the Church of the Lady like his Uncle Aranok, middle son of Rogan.

Councillor Daktarok – war minister at Jorniak; he feels threatened by Eidur’s close relationship with King Rogan and harbours secret ambitions of his own. He enjoys the patronage of Prince Warseratt.

Daktu – brutish and unpleasant son of Daktarok. He is currently in training for the Mikraj. In Jorniak he only has eyes for Princess Tyriana, a match encouraged by his father who is desparate to promote himself to the highest echelons of elven society.

Beecher – royal scribe. There is more to Beecher than meets the eye, and what terrible secrets has he unearthed in the catacombs beneath the Sky Palace.

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