Song of the Elves

Epic fantasy novels and short stories by David Charles Shepherd

Chronology of Rhoderica: The Age of the Light

Year 0 – Prophet Gayala ascends to heaven after being pierced by heaven’s Lightning on Eaglemount.

356 – Invasion of Winterland, Westumbria in the reign of the High King Stephen by the Nordakin. The Wolves of Winter are formed and their activities are hidden from herein from the official pages of history.

401 – 405 The Black Rose Wars: revenge driven conquest of North Rhoderica by Arthur Blackrose (see Tales of Rhoderica 1). The Kingdom of the Black Rose was the largest single administrative area to have existed in Rhoderica in the Age of the Light, until the invasion of the elves.

433 – Fall of the Blackrose Kingdom on the assassination of Arthur’s son Neville.

456 – The adventures of Thomas and Mallakai (see The Wolves of Winter)

502 (Year of the Light)/0(Year of the Sundering) – The Elves of Ancientica land in Helant Bay on the Bridal coast after a 12 month flight from the ruined Ancient Lands. (see Tales of Rhoderica 2)

503/1 – Death of King Maginus; coronation of his son, Ulfur the Swift

503 to 511/1 to 9 – The First Race Wars between humans and elves. Victory of the elves leaves the north east of Rhoderica under Elven control

516/14 – Founding of Majora, first city of the elves.

528/26 – Second Race War. Majora sacked but the human army is broken. All of East Rhoderica falls under the elves dominion.

537/35 – The Great Wall of Summer is completed, dividing the land of Rhoderica into two distinct regions, the elven kingdom known as the Summerlands in the East, and the human kingdoms of Westaster, Gorwentia and Rosewall in the West.

628/126 – First invasion of the Southren; the South Downs of Rosewall sacked by the Southren war band of Red-Hand. King Stephen of Rosewall is defeated.

640 to 645/138 to 137 – The Third Race Wars; King Rogan of the Elves defeats a mixed force of Westasterians and Gorwentians outside the town of Illenford.

654 to 656/152 to 154 – the Southren Wars; the army of Blackheart is eventually defeated by an allied army of elves and humans led by King Rogan of the Summerlands and King David of Westaster, in the Valley of Lost Souls. (see Tales of Rhoderica 3)

660/158 – Sethlarok is slain by Prince Nemar (see Tales of Rhoderica 4)

669/167 – A tournament for the King’s Blades is held in Farsee Forest. So begin the adventures of Kirik and Councillor Eidur. Read A Shadow Falls: Book One of the Song of the Elves.

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