Song of the Elves

Epic fantasy novels and short stories by David Charles Shepherd

Return of the Wolves

News coming soon on how to buy A Shadow Falls.  In the meantime…

Mallakai released his grip on his grandson and strode towards the water.  His shadow fell across the Witchpool.  ‘The Old North Road was closed for good reason.’

‘Can you tell me about it,’ quizzed Tom. He gestured at the fallen oak, which had been hollowed long ago to receive the back sides of optimistic anglers and daring-do youngsters.  Two generations lowered themselves to the worn seat.  A hint of sunlight broke through the thick canopy, orange and gold reflecting briefly on the opaque surface of the still water; the Witchpool in momentary harmony with autumnal decay.

‘Do you remember I once told you a tale of Winterland, of the invasion of the Nordakin and the bravery of Rulnik and his Wolves of Winter?’

Tom did remember.  In his mind he pictured the ancient trinket on his grandfather’s stone mantel and the wolf’s head ring that nestled within.  He had forgotten nothing.  ‘Yes,’ he acknowledged breathlessly.

Mallakai nodded.  ‘Good.  Well, in the days and years that followed, ill-fortune dogged the people of Winter.  It was as if the raiders from the Icy Wastes had poisoned the land with their presence.  One particular winter, death came to the land.  It was after that, that the North Road was closed.’

Tom whistled through his teeth.  ‘Will you tell me what happened?’

Mallakai stared into the lake, dredging up the sunken parts of the tale from the depths of his memory.  ‘Very well; perhaps if you knew the story it would help you understand my anger.  And I need you to understand in order for you to help me fight your father.’

Tom blanched, but Mallakai would not release him from his gaze.  He looked deep within the blue pools and liked what he saw behind his grandson’s frightened eyes.  If he educated him properly, he would not fail as he had done with his son.

‘Now, where to begin…’

(Extract from The Wolves of Winter II)

This Christmas, the Wolves of Winter will ride again.  Make sure you join Rulnik, Torbad and Yanuk in a deadly hunt for a hidden killer…


About The Author

Writing has been my main form of escape since a child. Before teaching, I earned a living on a little known national newspaper, before discovering I also had a calling for the classroom. The first embryonic scribbles for Song of the Elves emerged in 2000. I began writing the first trilogy as one continuous manuscript entitled The Summerlands, which I finally completed in the Winter of 2007. In the intervening years, I've been transforming this first draft into three distinct instalments of the saga. "A Shadow Falls" and "The King's Blades" have already seen the light of day. "Sins of the Father" will follow shortly. There will be a second trilogy to complete the saga, which I intend to commence work on in 2012. Book four is entitled "The Lost, The Lonely and the Damned". I have also written a series of short tales entitled The Wolves of Winter, set in Rhoderica before the elves invaded the continent. This is now available through as a paperback and via amazon kindle as an e-book.. My second, 'Tale of Rhoderica' will be a fantasy version of the great John Ford western - The Searchers. Entitled, To the Ends of the Earth', the novel will be out for Spring 2016. I am also half-way through a manuscript for a science fiction novel, entitled The Mirror of His Soul. Time and health permitting, these will all eventually see the light of day.


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